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Erotická Fóra životní styl swingování

Pondělí 18 března 2013

Nothing it seems, has contributed more to the growth of Swinging as a Lifestyle than the internet. The age of the interweb, ushered in a plethora of personals sites, all aimed at creating a directory of members, cataloged in ever more granular categories, allowing users to find that couple that fits their 'dream spec' perfectly - right down to the placement of their tattoos.

This approach unfortunately backfired, in that it oversimplified an entire Lifestyle and condensed in into a catalog model. When couples are browsing for partners, there is a very different process going on than say, browsing for a new BBQ in the Argos catalog. Couples require chemistry to get along, chemistry that cannot be defined in the sign-up process of a Swingers Site.

This is where the beauty of Social Networks comes in, and the reason why most couples make initial contact on Swingers Dating Sites, and then cross over to Social Networks such as Facebook. A social network, allows a greater degree of communication and expression allowing you to do a much better job of gauging what a Couple is like. Going through a Couple's photos, status updates, blog comments and likes comments on other member's photos and updates provides an invaluable window into their social circle, and what Swinging with them could be like.

This new freedom does however broaden use of these new Swingers Social Networks. Since they offer all the functions found on regular Social Networks, plus many others that are tailored to the needs of Swingers, many members use sites such as SpicyMatch to keep in touch with other couples, find upcoming events and travel opportunities.

Other couples find great pleasure in the exhibitionist nature of the sites, and get a kick out of putting up a show for those with a more voyeuristic tendency.

Personally I use Spicy Match to find new playmates, keep in touch with existing ones and sharing photos from our fun times with friends I trust. I also love the travel/speeddate feature as it has proven invaluable for holiday planning.

What do you use SpicyMatch for? Are you here for the hunt, the view or simply to see what the scene is like?

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Hi there!!! I am new here.. I was referred to this page from a fb group of swingers.. I am here hoping to just talk to someone(s) and hopefully find a little about stepping into the swinger club scene. I'm not here to meet anyone or skype anyone or anything like that. Just hoping someone may answer some questions. My boyfriend has been to swinger clubs before but I never have. I have entertained the idea in the past. but have never stepped over that line. Hopefully I will find someone I can get a little info from.. when I take that step I want to do so with my boyfriend. Just looking for answers from someone else experienced in that department. Look forward to learning more!!