Swinger Party

Date: 7th-8th December 2013

Hi there! My wife and i are organizing a 2 days 1 night event meant for couples from Singapore Malaysia and Thailand sometime in December.

Activities include mini games, pool games, drinking games, 2 couples in a spa interaction, n even a bikini oil wrestling contest! Maximum 8 couples. We already have 4 couples (possibly 5 soon) and are seeking just another 3-4 more. Criteria is both you and your partner have to be either Chinese, Thai or fair-skinned Malay couples. To be fair for everyone, both you and your partner has to be fairly attractive (not overweight or over the age of 36yrs old, etc).

Brief event details:

Arrive at Danok on Saturday morning. Ice-breaking session by pairing up couples along with light breakfast. Lunch at Waterview Restaurant by the lake in the afternoon each paired up again with another couple, followed by massage with spa/jacuzzi. Activities in the late afternoon / early evening include mini games that involves light drinking, stripping, pool games n bikini oil wrestling after that, with each couple being paired with again another couple by random, in a huge VIP hotel suite. The finale would then be a mass orgy of soft swapping (exchange partners for blowjob, kissing, fondling) before each couple have sex with their own spouses/partners. When one is ready, the couple may approach another couple and ask for permission for a swap, until all couples have swapped at least 2-3 times. We will end the night with 2 couples retreating into one VIP room both sharing one bed.

We value everyone's privacy so photo/video taking are strictly prohibited. One month confirmation in advance is needed for the booking of hotel rooms, travel, massage/spa, food, etc. Participants will need to have (or download) Whatsapp so that a group briefing can be made before the event date.

Best regards,

Pat & Nit