10 MILF Mondays @ Townhouse and they just keep getting better!! 92 horny swingsters at the last event and you gave a lucky lady one hell of a birthday to remember! lol

This is an event for anybody and everybody who enjoys some daytime delight! Our MILFS travel far and wide to enjoy this much loved party and it's a day packed with action! Non members are more than welcome and the huge draw is that everybody gets charged the same price, £10!

You must be on the guestlist to attend as we try and regulate our numbers to a 3:1 ratio at the request of the ladies, a lot of whom are also greedy girls. So if you know you can definitely make it, then contact us at infotownhouse@aol.com to go on the guestlist. We aim for 85 - 100 people so it's not too ovewhelming, so please do help us by only going on the guestlist if you can defo make it.

As it's our 10th MILF event, maybe we can tempt one of our ladies to take 10 guys (selected by her) ? OR lets turn this on it's head and give one lucky guy the chance to play with 10 ladies?! We have the ladies, but are you up for it? Any takers, get in touch!

So couples, ladies, guys....come and join us for one of the most talked about daytime events in the North!

If you haven't been before and would like more info, then there is a great blog which you may find helpful https://townhouseswingers.wordpress.com/about-milf-monday/

See you all there!!!!!