If you were at the first HEAT then you already know this party is gonna be HOT!

DJ Onelove and Queen B will be at it again to get you out of your seats and on the dance floor. Come join us for our bonus party this Sunday!

The BASICS for all of our PARTIES:

The FRIENDS Club opens at 9 pm and never stops before 2 am !

Cover Charges for Parties on FRIDAY NIGHT are $20 per Couple (... NOT per person) before 10pm, and $35 after ... GET HERE EARLY !!!

Cover Charges for Parties on SATURDAY NIGHT are $40 per Couple (... NOT per person) before 10pm, and $60 after ... GET HERE EARLY !!!

*Membership Fees are SEPARATE from Cover Charges and will be added to your entry cost if not "current".

Membership is required for ALL persons that enter The FRIENDS Club.

Temporary Memberships are "current" for the Specific Weekend they are purchased on, and cost $35.

Annual Memberships are "current" for 12 months from the time they are purchased, and cost $100.

*There are no pre-views or tours, as we consider "PRIVATE" and "Members Only" to hold significance when describing our club, meaning that EVERONE in The FRIENDS Clubhas signed documentation assuring your Privacy to the greatest degree possible prior to walking through the club even once. As this is the case, we answer any and all questions posed prior to attendance to the greatest, most accurate, and often lengthiest degree possible !!!

If you are seeking DISCOUNTS on any of the above pricing, may we suggest you give us a call at (512) 251-1199, as we often have promotions that are E-XXX-Clusive to those willing to go an E-XXX-tra step for The FRIENDS Club !!!

Although the location of The FRIENDS Club is PERMANENT, it is only provided after Voice Verification (over the phone) from a prospective Female Member of a Couple wishing to attend. *The Voice Verification consists of a very brief (usually 90 seconds or less) overview of The FRIENDS Club and assures us that all intending to visit have at least a general idea of what type of environment to expect at The FRIENDS Club.

If there is a "Party Theme" (Naughty School Girl, Toga, Fishnet Friday, et al) it is ONLY a suggestion to participate, and NOT MANDATORY.

The FRIENDS Club does NOT serve alcohol, but does have all amenities (ice, glassware, citrus, etc.) available for persons that wish to bring their own alcoholic beverage of choice.

The FRIENDS Club is for mature minded, SWINGERS, and/or Adventurous Couples and/or Unescorted Ladies OVER 21, only. *Please note that although there are many Swingers at the club on any given night it is NOT necessary to be a "Swinger" to have a GREAT time at our club.

Unescorted Males are NOT allowed to attend The FRIENDS Club, but are encouraged to find a SPONSOR COUPLE to include them as part of a trio or grouping.

EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION, Early NOTICE for Upcoming Parties, DISCOUNTS, and further details on ALL that is going on at The FRIENDS Club is available though our weekly E-Mail/Newsletter. It is 100% FREE to join and available at our website:

www.AustinFriends.com , by following the tab labeled "Newsletter" !!!