As you know we have decided to steer away from the ghosts and ghoul theme of Halloween in favour of a traditional Mexican Day of the Dead party. It is a celebration of life and death and remembering those who we have lost, but in a positive way. It is a celebration of colour, music, food and socialising.

I have just taken a break from cutting out sugar skulls and making paper decorations to write this...I am going a little cross eyed! So we have an array of traditional decor, in bright colours, sugar skulls doing dances on the walls, a Dia de Muertos alter decorated in flowers, offering of bread and wine, candles and papercraft...it is here that you can light a candle for your loved one. We will also have a small fire into which you can throw in the name of your loved one, written on a piece of paper; the smoke and the memory is said to reach the higher planes of existence. We will be playing uplifting Mexican music, serving up tortillas with salsa, guacamole and sour cream and there will be chocolate treats on the bar. If you fancy a Marguerita, we will be serving them for just £1.50.

This is a night for everybody to attend...it is neither a swinging nor fetish night, so expect to see people from all corners of kinkdom.

Entry is just £10 per person...can't wait!

www.townhouseswingers.co.uk or check us on facebook