EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT for the Season 2022

Erotická Fóra cestouvání & zábava cestování & dovolené

středa 12 ledna 2022
EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT for the Season 2022

In order to give our guests an early planning security and a financial incentive, we give until the 31st of January on all new bookings for the coming season 2022 of minimum 7 nights an early booking discount of 10%.

This discount includes the overnight stay, breakfast and dinner. Excluded are our various services, seminars, excursions, specials, the drinks package and the airport transfer.

In the event of a Covid-19 cancellation of your holiday by the planned travel date, we guarantee you the free rebooking to a later date until 31st of December 2022.

If you have any questions about our discount offer, please contact us by email, phone or in our info chat on our website.

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