Swingers Parties - What are Your Favorite Themes

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Sobota 30 března 2013

By far my favorite part of Swinging is the theme party. The whole dress-up-to-get-undressed aspect of it just pushes the right buttons for me, & the sight of a throng of (ideally masked) sexies on the dance floor is the embodiment of every girls fairytale fantasies.

I just love mixed him/her themes such as Angels/Devils, however tend to steer clear of the more cliche' ones such as doctors and nurses. I love a good fetish/latex part as much as the next girl, especially when hubby takes the lead out and walks me though the crowd on all fours. That however is a pleasure reserved for occasions that are far and few between.

My favorite "accessible" theme therefore, has to be Arabian Nights. The sheer cloth that lets others get the slightest of glimpses of what lies underneath, the veils that make one focus on the other's eyes and encourages eye contact, and the great opportunity to accessorise make it a winner by far.

Swinging is all about the plush, hedonistic lifestyle it offers, and I feel few party themes emulate this as well as Arabian Nights.

What are your favorite themes? Is there something I've managed to miss so far? Let me know X

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White night is rather docile, but always a turn-on..... Back to School is another favourite of ours, as is Fetish Night. The best theme we've had up to now and which isn't very common was Bizarre Circus..... that rocked !