An event open for couples and single girls only. Age limit for single females is 49 and average age limit for couples is 49 (this means that if one is 30 and the other 40, the average age of the couple is 35) . The party will take place in a villa in Larnaca. Free drinks and snacks. There will be playrooms, some private and others open for everyone. Sex is allowed only in the playrooms. We encourage you to wear a mask. Newcomers are welcome.

Please note that in order to get in the party you must first become members of Mystical Club. You become members by paying a membership fee. Then members can join the party for free. For more information and help please visit our website or contact us here on Spicymatch.


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Couples Membership Package
pár 25 60,00
This is not an entrance fee. It is your membership donation in order to become members of the club. Members can attend the party for free.
Single Females 10 0,00