SpicyMatch Proudly Presents


The official launch of SpicyMatch at Oops Barcelona Club


Date: 22th August 2015
Time: 23:00 hrs
Dress Code: Girls Sexy Pink, Boys Totally White
Venue: Oops Barcelona Club




SpicyMatch and Oops Barcelona are pleased to announce one of the sweetest parties that can be offered: the ROSA PASIÓN Party.

Oops hosts one of the most desired guests: The first SpicyMatch official party! That's why we invite you to this beautiful modernist palace, where you will be princes and princesses. Where pink and white are the colors of a fairy tale soiree.

A starry sky and Barcelona literally at your feet; where princes and princesses unleash their hidden passions and lust... "SpicyMatch" and "Oops! Barcelona" come to be part of the story!


This is a SpicyMatch Premium Validation Event.
All SpicyMatch Couples who attend this event will receive our Premium SpicyMatch Validation
and will be entitled to our discounted Premium Membership Rates

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typ kategorie dostupnost cena
Regular Couple Ticket
50 50,00

Club Entrance Ticket including 4 Drinks

SpicyMatch Full Member Couple Ticket
pár 50 30,00

Club Entrance Ticket including 2 Drinks