There is a time of year that Ibiza has a special flavor: the second half of June. It is the time when those who really want to enjoy the island feel it in freedom. Already over the time of the opening of the discos and before the island gets overcrowded in July and August, Ibiza welcomes in the second half of June couples who like to combine great vacations with nude beaches virtually virgin to enjoy the sun and sand naked. Is the time for liberal professionals, managers of companies, for those couples who can afford to take holidays in the month of June ... break with reality for the envy of your friends. For those couples, which like the good life and can afford it, this June´s Plan at Ibiza Private Village is dedicated. Relax holidays, friendly atmosphere, the first rays of sun caressing our bodies ... and action, lots of action, with sensual eroticism.

From 16 to 23 June 2013

7 nights, ALL INCLUSIVE.

From only 142 €

per person per night


VAT not included


Sunday, June 16


The first night in Ibiza Private Village is always special, the time to welcome our guests and the moment were they can begin to meet other couples who gather in the place. The evening will begin poolside at 9pm with a welcome cocktail and all couples wearing their best clothes: beautiful evening dresses and jackets, without losing the imprint Ibiza's "elegant but informal". And after the cocktail a special session of mojitos and other drinks open-bar to enjoy the club, the outdoor pool and the playrooms with one of the best DJ of the moment on the island.


Welcome drink, catering, personal attention, erotic shows, DJ, open bar, playrooms ...

Dress code:

MEN: jackets, "elegant but casual".

WOMEN: evening dresses and sexy lingerie.

Monday, June 17

from 9pm CLUBBING

Remember what it was back to 70s or 80s? What looks! And what fun they were! Ibiza Private Village became a real room back to 70s to 80s. Take out of the closet those things that you have not thrown away! And combine it with wigs, shoulder pads, sunglasses, skinny pants, mini skirts ... returns back to the 70s and 80s and get carried away by the influx of overnight led by some of the most representative DJ island. The usual music themes remixed with the sound of the island in a fun and sensual night.


Tasting menu, personalized attention, erotic shows, DJ, open bar, playrooms ...

Dress code:

70s and 80s funny and sexy clothes!

Tuesday, June 18


The wildest Ibiza hippie on a colorful night where the words Peace and Love and are merged and reinvented to become Free and Sex. The appointment, like every night, at 9pm by the pool to enjoy a snack and be ready for the dinner, which will be half an hour later in our restaurant. Light and color especially on a night dedicated to fulfill the fantasies of couples in a relaxed environment in which single ladies are welcome.


Tasting menu, personalized attention, erotic shows, DJ, open bar, playrooms ...

Dress code:

Hippie clothes. Peace and love.

Wednesday, June 19


Leather, latex, handcuffs, gags, ropes, whips ... passion. Discover the pleasure of getting caught up in a dark, lit only by the black candles in every corner of Ibiza Private Village that becomes the perfect place to unleash your games. The lights disappears of the large playroom, the darkroom and the dungeon to let only the bodies understood themselves. Enjoy the senses ... with all of them.


Tasting menu, personalized attention, erotic shows, DJ, open bar, playrooms ...

Dress code:

Leather clothes and accessories latex fetish and fine black lingerie.

Thursday, June 20

from 9pm Night out: EROTICA

After the snack in the pool at 9pm and the dinner at our restaurant, Ibiza Private Village organizes one way trips of couples who wish (and highly recommend to aaaaaaaaall!) too attend, with free admission courtesy of Ibiza Private Village, the party IBIZA EROTICA SESSION to be held at The Club, San Antonio Bay, where you can enjoy erotic and sensual shows. In this party dancing in bikinis or lingerie is the most and it is allowed. After enjoying a few hours at The Club our public relations may accompany couples who wish to some of the discos in the area, as Eden or Es Paradis (tickets not included). Living a night out is essential if you would like to say that you have been in Ibiza once you return home!

Dress code:

Informal and bikinis or lingerie to dance at the IBIZA EROTICA SESSION.

Friday, June 21


Ibiza at its best! The snack meeting is at 9pm by the poolside to start enjoying a magical nights where the brand Ibiza influence has shrouded everything. Night lit by candlelight with the ritual of midnight ... You be prepared to experience it in person?


Tasting menu, personalized attention, erotic shows, DJ, open bar, playrooms ...

Dress code:

White linen pants, shirts and dresses. White lingerie.

Saturday, June 22


Last night of the Plan "The taste of Ibiza" which starts at 9pm by the pool, like every night. It's time to finish with the slope, to leave nothing for tomorrow because tomorrow does not exist. A night full of mystery sinful and evil in which each couple search inside to find the evil side ... or the more angelical. Hell, devils, whores, scoundrels and gigolos are mixed in an intense atmosphere with angels, good girls, boys combed, students model. Discover what your dark or angelic side... and see if a demon is able to subdue an angel.

Includes: Tasting menu, personalized attention, erotic shows, DJ, open bar, playrooms ...

Dress code:

DEMONS: horns, layers, special makeup, mini skirts, high heels, garters, liners, whips ...

ANGELS: wings, white lingerie, flowers in her hair, white shoes, college clothing, wavy hairstyles, makeup fine ...

The masks are welcome at this event.

Day Passes also available.